Wednesday, December 17, 2008

new analogy

for those of you who know me, you know i think in metaphor. analogies are a way of life for me. so this morning i thought of another one.
i refresh my podcasts daily, it's a ritual. then i sync my phone and my ipod to update them. if any new software is available i find out. if there is a problem, i find that out, too.
if i 'sync' with God on a daily,  allow Him to refresh my spirit, hopefully even minute to minute, but at least regularly at least daily, i stay in touch with Him and what He wants me to do and He reminds me through His word how He wants me to act and what His nature is, so He pretty much 'updates' me and notifies me of problems, etc. 
by studying the bible, reading devotionals, meditating (or is that snoozing?), praying, all these are ways to 'sync' with God. somehow it takes on a different tone than the sanctimonious 'i have my quiet time' or 'i read my bible every morning' that i hear in christian circles so often and brings it down to reality and really more what it is - a relationship. i cannot 'sync' my ipod and iphone with my computer if they are not connected, nor can i sync with God if i'm not connected, or in a relationship, with Him.
just a thought, one of the random ones that roll around in my head!

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