Wednesday, June 24, 2009

oh, by the way

the dinner i just mentioned was not just me and some lady. it was my wife and i and this lady and her husband. i even remember their names! but how we had dinner together was sort of 'european' or something like that.
we had just sat down at an outside table at interurban and they came onto the patio and there were no more tables. there were 2 chairs left at our table and 2 people who needed to sit down so we invited them to join us. what a concept! no pressure, no expectations, we all just talked and enjoyed the meal and the conversating (at least we did, i think they did). i showed her my 'fat kelly' pics and of course we had to talk weight loss for a while...but i really liked the concept of saving points and how it relates to kids and eating. and we enjoyed their company and if we had been our usual selves with our blinders on then we would have missed the opportunity.

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