Friday, July 3, 2009


our minds are like filters - stuff goes through all the time. some stuff gets stuck. like in the dryer, the lint you have to clean off. you don't keep it, you throw it away (or at least i haven't heard of anyone recycling lint...yet).let's say that something that is allowed through is gone, forgotten, not considered, out the vent. the stuff that is filtered out is to be mulled over, considered. in our world today there are so many floating pieces of information, advice, opinion, and b.s., that our brains get clogged quickly and our options are to get rid of some stuff or to get lost in all the crap that is trapped. the latter option is where so many people live, worried about seemingly (to me, at least) nonsensical stuff and obsessing about things that in the big picture are really just fluff that got stuck in the filter.
so how do we clean the filter? dump the crap? one thing we can do is pray. go to God and give it to Him and let Him deal with it. one is to just forget it. that's not easy, and those forgotten memories tend to resurface at inopportune times. some people can 'rinse off' their filters by talking about stuff with other people, like counselors, therapists, and the like. my personal opinion is that talking things over with counselors just keeps the fluff circulating and sticking back in the filter. i'm not a fan of counseling.
i'm for praying and giving it to God. then pray again that you don't go back to the pile at His feet and pick your junk up for another round.
oh, one other way to at least help with the crap we have to filter through? don't go looking for it! on the internet, with your friends, on tv (oprah produces a ton of lint every day!). sure, everyone diagnosed anymore with any illness will go home and research it on the internet. at least it seems so. but don't believe it all. do you think they put the boring stuff on there? like on tv, the medical shows, law shows, cop shows - they distill out the boring 99% and give you the gunfight in the er between two lawyers! 99% of most of the stuff i see could be listed under "it will go away pretty much no matter what, so don't worry", or "it's a phase many kids go through and is normal and will resolve without treatment, but if you hurry and get him in therapy you could make it a big deal and spend a lot of money on it". notice how everything has a name now? you don't just have crappy eyelashes (like brooke shields, yeah right she's got crappy eyelashes!) you have hypotrichosis. no longer can you be in a bad mood sometimes, you're bipolar, you're depressed if you cry, obsessed if you think too much. ok, that's it.

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