Tuesday, November 13, 2007

the answer

On this same blog there is another, "feeding the spirit". My lovely wife has summarized the answer to the questions and problems I posed in my first blog, tmi. The solution is so simple, and it cuts to the cause of the original problem. With more info we think we will be able to solve problems, but the real problem is that it is like peeling an onion, there is always another layer underneath, and it brings tears to our eyes. We must get to the Source, and surrender to the Creator of all, who promises to bear our burdens with us (read "for us") if we will but give them to Him. But we want control! And knowledge is control, right? Wrong.
It is the willing surrender of the "need to know" that allows God to give us the information we need, in a form we need to see it, at the time we need it, and perfect for the situation. As it is always with God, once we surrender, He works it out perfectly. Today's "feeding the spirit" references an event where Abraham allowed God to guide him, without all the "info", and by his surrender and willingness, he was blessed, and subsequently so are we.
Is this scientific? Medical? Psychological? No. But to quote Dr. Phil, "how's that working for you?". Has the "onion" of science or medicine or psychology been successfully peeled and revealed the answers and solutions? No. Only more layers and more tears. At some point, as parents reading this blog, we come to a point where we must take our own "Isaac" and present him/her to God. He will take it from there.
The willingness to not know is a very freeing thing. And when in the "not knowing" we are trusting God, we will truly be free..


rtippens said...

The book: Laying Down My Isaac is a sad but beautiful illustration of letting go and trusting God. With our children and our dreams for them, this is such a difficult thing to do. But, just as God has had to refine us, may He refine them and draw them to Him.

c said...

it's always good to have a reference for how to do such things. and i still hope you're not stealing money from the el reno school kids. you've got to watch those superintendents! it said so on the news!