Wednesday, November 5, 2008

fall colors

Regardless of whether your guy won or lost yesterday, you will be happy to know that the trees are still beautiful this fall, not seeming to really care who the president-elect is or what his stance is on health care and other social issues. So nice to see that at least part of my world doesn't fret about gas prices or wars or the economy or autism and vaccines and plastics and sleep positions and antibiotics and yeast overgrowth or to spank or not to spank - you see that I need something to look at that is not commenting on or asking me about or for something. This year, and I probably will be told that I say this every year, the trees are the most beautiful I can remember. 
Not being a real outdoor person, I still love the fall. It is my favorite season, and it has nothing to do with football. The colors that come from green leaves amaze me every year. Even though the wind pretty much blew away the gorgeous reds of the maples yesterday, I have discovered a new favorite tree for this season. In the windy line to vote yesterday, I was told that this tree is the Chinese pistachio, but I don't know for sure, the guy who told me looked like he spent as much time in his yard as I did this year. Whatever it is, it has replaced the Bradford pear as the "parking lot tree", and I guess I was blind to it until this year.  
Here in Edmond, the most beautiful tree, or at least it's in the top 5, is on an ugly corner by a gas station at 2nd and Coltrane. It is the type of tree I was describing previously, so if anyone knows what it is, let me know. But it is so many colors that I couldn't even describe it adequately. It goes from orange and yellow to red and some leftover green, and pretty much every color in between. 
Just driving on the turnpike is a feast for the eyes right now. I'm impressed that someone was thinking enough to plan the trees along the Kilpatrick, especially at the intersections, especially at I-35 coming from the north.
The wind didn't spoil all the beauty at all, and maybe it even helped get rid of some old stuff that was in the way of new beauty. Even the cloudy/rainy skies this afternoon provided a backlight for some of the most orange/yellow trees that they seemed as if they were on fire but not being consumed a la Moses on the mountain.
So, to end this rambling, I am reminded that whatever happens, happens because the Creator made it happen, whether it be trees or presidents-elect. He's got our best interests in mind, regardless of how it may look at times. I've heard it said that He lets us see the back of the tapestry He is weaving, and I'm pretty pleased with the fall colors He's put in this year's addition to that tapestry.


the.fortes said...

Amen! The trees in NC are AWESOME! I had forgotten how pretty the east can be. We still love our Oklahoma, though, our little boy's native state! It can be pretty in the fall. It's going to be interesting reading your posts as the country may move toward socialized healthcare under Obama.

c said...

thanks for the comment. oklahoma is home, but other places have their benefits as well, enjoy those and come back soon.

Nikkie said...

we share our "highs and lows" at the dinner table--which means the ups and downs of each person's day is shared and my high for the last few weeks has been the fall colors. i, too am reminded that regardless of the storms/winds/peaks and valleys, that God is still on the throne....

Sarah said...

I have found two favorite trees in our neighborhood. One at either end. No matter where we are going, when we leave home, we see on or the other.

I recognize God's beauty in each season (the first snow and ice covering are breathtaking, too.), but Autumn is by far my favorite!