Thursday, November 6, 2008

'new' old parenting book

i have always remembered - and taught patients - the parenting lessons taught me by barbara coloroso in 'kids are worth it', but when i was learning these, they were available only as tapes, and they were very good, and very funny, and obviously made a great impression on me and my parenting style and teaching of parenting. so i 'rediscovered' the book version of this book and i was scanning it this morning and wow! it's everything i remember and more. i highly recommend going to amazon or wherever you go and search 'barbara coloroso' and 'kids are worth it' and get it. it's old enough that the shipping is more than the book, but it's very worth it, and will reveal to those of you who are patients of mine where i've stolen a great deal of my material. i'm going to add it to the bibliography of recommended books on my handouts, but i thought i'd share it in this venue first, for those of you blog-savvy moms and dads who check out 'radical thoughts' every once in a while. 


Natalie Hudkins said...

The Metropolitan library system has one copy of it; I just put it on reserve. Here is the link for anyone else who would like to reserve it!
I can't wait to read this!

the.fortes said...

It's really a mind-changing book! I got it on It is a great website where you swap books for no charge (except to send yours out to others).