Saturday, January 22, 2011

healthcare rant

listening to intelligence squared u.s. debate on 'should obamacare be repealed?' and had to respond…my take on the healthcare debate is that they are all missing the point. People shouldn’t go to the doctor so much, shouldn’t be screened for so much that generates rx’s that are expensive and cause side effects for which more rx’s are given…this occurs in kids some, but big time in adults, and adults with the most access to healthcare easily get…more healthcare. Not better, just more. And more tests and more meds and more to talk about how bad they feel on fb and at coffee club or work and it’s a status symbol to be on the ‘you need to be wound up like a friggin doll’ medicine or the ed drug that could make your penis fall off…
Sorry, it’s just that more healthcare isn’t better healthcare. But if someone shows up in the office with anything as an adult they get everything screened increasing the stress level and therefore the blood pressure, etc., etc., and  instead of saying, ‘hey, fatso, lose some weight’ they say ‘here’s your medicine for your type 2 diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol, hope you don’t die of the side effects’ and when the government gets involved if the adult docs DON’T do that they will get in trouble.
just like the financial crisis (for which intelligence squared u.s. - npr - has an excellent debate from a couple of months ago) we want something we don't want to pay for. so we dump it off on the government. then we don't want our taxes raised and we don't want to go into debt with china any further but we...want our cake and we want to eat it too. we just can't have it like that. but the debate is about those people who can't afford healthcare or have preexisting conditions and whether they deserve better treatment by insurance companies. yes, they do. we all do. insurance companies are making the lives of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, and patients miserable while they cash in because 'gasp' what if they didn't? 
Ok, I’m through. Thanks for listening.

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