Saturday, January 15, 2011

sorry, i must have RDS

RDS, it sounds more official and takes less time to say than 'reward deficiency syndrome'. never mind that it also means 'respiratory distress syndrome', not to be confused with RSD, which is 'reflex sympathetic dystrophy'. it's also 'radio data system' or 'relational database system'. these acronyms DMC! (drive me crazy).
but i guess i'm addicted to blogging right this moment, i can't stop! i've been mindful of the fact that i sometimes feel the need to share my thoughts with other people, and for some reason, i think they should care. i guess that's a typical blogger mentality (TBM?). but then God shows me that the thing i thought was so important that had occurred to me or that i heard that i thought others should hear was just important to me and just for that one moment and that other people probably didn't really need that information filed away in their brains under 'things that somebody thought would be interesting' because that storage unit is already full and taking up space that could be used for things like, remembering directions (oh, wait, there's GPS) or phone numbers (oh wait, they're stored in my phone) or friend's names (oh wait, they're on facebook if they're really my friends) or important passwords to secure websites (now that one calls to mind a quandary -  can you store them safely in one place and if so, what if you forget that password?). so, i'm going to quit blogging now. someday, maybe i'll look back to all the blogs i've done, all the crap i've committed to the blogosphere and other digital media, and write a book. not that anyone would want to read a compilation of the stuff i thought was important any more than they would want it handed to them a piece at a time.


Saltwater Daisy said...

Our world is a better place thanks to your willingness to share radical thoughts. It is rare, indeed (in my experience), that a physician will offer his/her opinion with a "take it or leave it" mindset. (I've found that most believe they are experts on all things and are ready to share that belief.)

I have greatly appreciated your willingness to help me see new points of view in how I parent my children. Heck, I appreciate that you think it is important to share those thoughts with us!

So, thanks for blogging in our direction. "Radical Thoughts" would make an excellent book title.

:-) Stef Anderson

Nikkie said...

i'm just wondering where all the NIKE shoes comments went? i kept waiting for a new post, but nothing. just weird comments from who knows where.

glad to have some new posts to read!